The NESSUNODORE range gets its name from the characteristic of the products: No odours which are unpleasant for man!

These products are 100% natural. They do not contain chemical substances or fragrances that cover up the bad smells but disturb the animals.

The products work by a process of SOP Bio-hygienization.

The packaging is made out of recycled and/or recyclable materials in full respect of the environment.


For the hygiene and wellbeing of cats

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Rodents & Rabbits

For the hygiene and wellbeing of domestic rodents and rabbits

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For the hygiene of aviaries and bird cages

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For the hygiene and wellbeing of dogs

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For the care and wellbeing of ferrets

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For the hygiene of terrariums

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Poultry and Rabbits

For the hygiene of small chicken runs and rabbit hutches

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