World Environment Day

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

By 2050, the population will be up to 20 billion, we will be living on a planet 4 degrees hotter than now, there will be more and more mouths to feed but with less agricultural land available and pollution will have increased..


This year, the celebrations of the World Environment Day will be held in China, today, 5th June 2019. 

The theme is “air pollution”, a theme that regards us all. 

SOP, Save Our Planet, has found a way to keep agriculture INTENSIVE, but to make it also SUSTAINABLE

We know it seems a paradox so we’d like to explain exactly how FARMS CAN BE MADE SUSTAINABLE 

If you would prefer to watch the video instead of reading, click this link: 

All the SOP products are aimed at helping farms maintain a high level of productivity, whilst improving the three aspects that define sustainability: economic sustainability, by increasing productivity and reducing running costs, environmental sustainability, by reducing pollution from the farm activity, and social sustainability, by making the finished products healthier, for the benefit of the whole community.

For example, our products for agriculture have allowed farmers to improve their production levels whilst, at the same time, reducing, or even eliminating, the use of synthetic fertilizers, reducing costs as well as pollution (did you know that most PM2.5 come from ammonia emissions from fertilizers?).

Our products for animals have allowed farmers to increase the productivity of their animals improving, at the same time, their wellbeing and reducing ammonia and Greenhouse Gas emissions on the farm. 

Our products for liquid manure (tested by some of the best universities of the world) have resulted in the reduction of costs linked to liquid manure management improving, at the same time, its natural fertilizing capacity and reducing any resulting emissions. 

So, Intensive and Sustainable (for the farmers, the community and the environment) are adjectives that can sit side by side, after all! 

We can’t pretend that nothing is happening to our planet, believe in change! 

#SOP #SOPSaveOurPlanet

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