SOP & National Tree Day

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

National Tree Day has been celebrated in Italy since 2011, with the intent to promote the reduction of emissions, the protection of the soil, the improvement of air quality, the valorization of all traditions linked to the tree and the livability of urban settlements.

We at SOP feel very close to this National Day given the commitment we make to improving life in the environment and that of people.

Thanks to the SOP products, many of our Customer Farms are already reducing their Greenhouse gas emissions (methane, CH4, N2O and CO2) and polluting gases (ammonia), consequently improving air quality.

Furthermore, aware of the fact that over 25% of the Earth’s dry land has been seriously damaged by the use of fertilizers and pesticides, we at SOP “Save Our Planet” bring an innovative approach to the field which combines turnover with sustainable development, bringing benefits within the three aspects on which real sustainability can and must be based:
economic, environmental and social.

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