Our Mission

To improve the quality of life, in all its forms.

SOP operates with a great love and full respect for life:

  • when planning its activities
  • when elaborating its products
  • in managing its employees
  • when creating wealth and new working opportunities
  • by supporting environmental care initiatives
  • by financing and supporting humanitarian activities.


All our employees are treated with maximum respect both from a financial and a work point of view. Our customers are very important to us, too, and we are very careful to respect delivery times, to supply well monitored products and to ensure complete, punctual assistance.

We are satisfied that our partners take the same care and have the same values as those in which we believe.

Satisfaction and realization

One of our company objectives is to push those who work with us to reach their own personal goals and it is for this reason that we also offer a series of incentives and awards for motivational purposes.

Advantages for both sides

The same attention is paid to our customers. All our products are created with the aim of giving real and measurable benefits to those that use them.

Working with products of high technology, we must be certain of giving our customers real benefits, before creating a product; in fact our philosophy is “all or nothing”. This is certainly a risk, but our customers’ satisfaction and the benefits they receive will also be our own. 

This is the only way to establish stable and long lasting growth.

We will not disappoint those who believe in us

Only if the use of our products brings economic and practical benefits, will they continue to be purchased and be able to have a positive impact on the environment.

Only if those that collaborate with us are satisfied and the company is making a profit, will we be able to continue. 

For this reason, we are certain that we will not let down those who believe in us.