"We feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean will be less because of that missing drop."

(Mother Teresa of Calcutta)

Mission of Father Egidio Capitanio

Economic support and realisation of 25 "SOP treated" wells for a village of 18,000 people.

In collaboration with the Mission of Father Egidio Capitanio in the Dem. Rep. of Congo.

"Fondation Fact Yaounde" Orphanage

Economic support from SOP and the adoption of the orphanage "Fondation Fact Yaounde". 

In collaboration with O.n.g Children Care Cameroun. 

School for first literacy in Garan

Economic support for running a primary school in the rural village of Garan, Quinghai province, in Tibet.

In collaboration with Onlus Mariana, Associazione Opere nel Mondo.