"We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."

(Native American proverb)

SOP and the Environment

SOP's main objective is to help improve the environments in which man, animals and plants live.

SOP considers  sustainability as ensuring that development meets the needs of our generation without compromising the capability of future generations to meet theirs.

For this reason, the results that can be obtained with our solutions and products (such as, a reduction in the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides and water for crops, better animal health, savings in animal feed and medicines, or the possibility of wearing clothes for longer before washing, with savings on detergent, etc.) follow the concept of having "more for less."

But we are also convinced that, in a world in which choices are orientated towards profit and wealth, a commitment to the improvement of the environment is only realistic if it corresponds to profit or cost saving.

What goes around, comes around

The consequences of our actions come back round to us, sooner or later, in different forms. We have seen what has happened with pollution and the greenhouse effect.

The use of the SOP products and technology allows a positive return.

For example, spreading liquid and solid manure which has been treated with the SOP products has less impact on the environment (air, soil, groundwater) and results in better forage for the animals.

The Register of Fertilizer manufacturers

SOP is registered in the Register of Fertilizer manufacturers, with registration code no. 103/06.

The SOP products for agriculture and animal husbandry are allowed in Organic Farming.

A Zero Impact Company

SOP is part of the Lifegate Zero Impact project. The CO2 emissions generated by SOP’s activities are offset by carbon credits generated by the creation and protection of new forests.

SOP uses Lifegate Energy

The energy utilised by SOP for its production processes is certified as being Zero Impact, originating from renewable sources and having no impact on the environment.

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