The company

"Our passion and commitment is dedicated to improving the quality of life. With great enthusiasm, we imagine, create, test and then put on the market sustainable products and services, to satisfy the needs of our generation without compromising the capability of the future generations to satisfy theirs."

(Marco Poggianella)


The idea originated from quantum physics and from the incredible developments made possible by this science.

We began to imagine, research, create designs and carry out tests until we had perfected a new technology, which, since 2001, has been incredibly successful, both in terms of scientific innovation and economic development.

The excellent results achieved by SOP originate from the intelligence, expertise and hard work of some very unconventional people: engineers, veterinaries, agronomists, physicists, technicians and salespeople who work within the company with passion and enthusiasm.

We realise that our objectives and goals are very ambitious and we know that great commitment and hard work is required from the SOP employees to achieve them, taking account of our values, taking full responsibility for the effects that our actions have on the world around us.

From a world of “either/or”, to a world of “and”

We are used to a world in which we often have to choose between two, seemingly incompatible, advantages. That is, either:

  • innovative but expensive products or standard cheap products
  • punctual technical assistance or cheaper "self-help"
  • certified products or "improvised" products
  • highly effective but polluting products or low impact products which are less effective.

With SOP, you can move over to the world of "and" which combines:

  • highly innovative products and competetive prices
  • punctual, reliable assistance and contained costs.

  • certified production processes which follow the most strict European and world standards, are allowed in organic farming and the certainty of productivity, quality and savings
  • products which satisfy the citizen's requirements, as well as those of public administration, ARPA and ASL, regarding air and water pollution and those of the farmer, in order to satisfactorily continue his business.

This last point is most evident in the animal husbandry field. Multiple factors, including bad smells from the farm, have always rendered this activity incompatible with nearby habitations, commercial and touristic centres. In other words either the farm or the habitational-touristic centres.

The use of our technology and products, which intervene positively on the factors which normally cause this incompatibility, allow the two environments to live alongside each other in a way that was previously unimaginable.

ISO 9001 & 14001 certifications

SOP has a further objective: quality. Thanks to our ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certifications, every step taken within the company is monitored, from Research & Development to the purchase of raw materials, from scientific experimentation to industrial production, to worldwide distribution and to fundamental Customer Satisfaction evaluations regarding the results obtained by our customers.

A Zero Impact Company

SOP is part of the LifeGate Zero Impact project. The CO2 emissions generated by SOP’s activities are offset by carbon credits generated by the creation and protection of new forests.

SOP is an IFOAM member

IFOAM is the International Federation of Organic Farming. SOP has been a supporting member of IFOAM since 2008.

SOP utilises Lifegate Energy

SOP utilises LifeGate Energy.

The energy utilised by SOP for its production processes is certified as "Zero Impact", originating from renewable sources and having no impact on the environment.